Art Direction and design spanning the lifestyle, beauty, fragrance and fashion categories to include partnering with brands to define the creative direction and strategy for a variety of integrated digital campaigns, branding, packaging and traditional print media.
Branding, packaging and digital marketing for a coffee roaster in South Florida


RB Specialty Coffee is a coffee roaster based in Southern Florida that sources its coffee directly from farmers in Colombia, Ethiopia, Brasil, and El Salvador. The RB in the name stands for Roasting Buddies and is representative of the 3 partners who formed the company with a bean to cup philosophy that is focused on building ethical partnerships with the farmers and growers in each country. With the identity and packaging design, RB Specialty Coffee wanted to create a steampunk motif which focused on their end of the craft— the roasting aspect. And thus, coffee roasting dials and pipes are surrounded by Victorian ornament & a custom pattern created from coffee plant botanical engravings to give rise to their signature look.




Elements from this moodboard are either directly pulled from reference materials from Edwardian & Victorian decorative sources or ornament that reference them. Combining those themes with a jungle motif sets just the right vibe for our “whimsical steampunk coffee plantation” branding & packaging theme.



Standup Coffee Pouches